Nexstar Directors


PERRY A. SOOK Founder and CEO of Nexstar Media Group:
DENNIS MILLER Director & Executive Chairman, Core Media Group: 212.784.7770,
GEOFF ARMSTRONG Director & CEO of 310 Partners, a private investment firm:
DENNIS J. FITZSIMONS Director & Chair of Robert R. McCormick Foundation: 312.445.5000,
JAY GROSSMAN Director & ABRY Partners:
LISBETH MCNABB Director & CEO and founder of Twitter: @LisbethMcNabb
THOMAS MCMILLEN Director & CEO of LEAD1 Association:, 540-364-8128
JOHN MUSE Director & Chair of the Lucchese, Inc. and Free Flow Wines: 415 626 1215,,
(915) 778-3066
I. MARTIN POMPADUR Director & Newscorp: Contact Page