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(FTVLive) The problems at Nexstar owned WHTM (Harrisburg) continue and the company seems intent on just fiddling while Rome burns.

A number of female staffers have either been pushed out or resigned. Almost all of them cite the toxic work environment as to the reason why.

But, it’s not only the employees that are leaving, it’s the advertisers as well.

Four companies — Giant Food Stores, Faulkner Automotive Group, Platinum Preowned LLC and Capital Blue Cross — have all pulled their ads in response to the allegations about the work environment within the station.

“In my opinion, for them to rectify the situation they would have to dismiss (WHTM GM) Bob Bee, and acknowledge the fact that these claims are legitimate,” said Mike Dorazio, the owner of Platinum Preowned. “If it’s just one person, okay. If it’s two people, it might just be their buddy. You’re talking multiple employees leaving an employer.”

Nexstar says that they have looked into Bee’s actions and that they stand behind him and support him.

But clearly, there is a problem and Nexstar would be better off addressing that and not ignore it.

If they really think that Bee has done nothing wrong, despite all the claims against him, why not transfer him to another Nexstar station? There is a huge problem or at least a huge perception at the station. Nexstar should address it and or move Bee somewhere else.

Others inside the station tell FTVLive that they dread going to work there. One staffer said they are doing everything they can to find another job. Why any company would want this type of environment at any of their stations is beyond us?

Ignoring the problem is not going to fix the problem and it is not going to bring your advertisers back.

Our advice, move Bob Bee and if you were smart, you would bring in a female as the new GM. It might just be time for a woman to go in there and clean up what has turned into a very big mess.

Just saying….