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(FTVLive) Sources tell FTVLive that WHTM Meteorologist Ann Rodden is leaving the Nexstar station and the company has posted her job opening.

Rodden is the Weekend Morning Meteorologist at the station and if we are counting right, would be the 6th woman to leave the station in the past 4 months.

Just this week, the station lost a huge advertiser that also released this statement, “Following recent allegations against ABC 27’s general manager, GIANT Food Stores has decided to temporarily suspend our advertising with the station until the matter is appropriately resolved.  We are fully committed to supporting fair and safe workplace environments.”

This all started when Anchor Flora Posteraro says she was pushed out of the station and made claims of the work environment at the station for women. Since Posteraro’s departure, four more female journalists — Dawn White, Carrie Perry, Megan Frank and Amanda St. Hilaire — have also left the on the abc27 news team. Each of the women made posts on social media about their departure expressing support for their female colleagues or denouncing workplace discrimination and harassment.

So far, Rodden has not made any such public claims and no official word on why she is leaving or where she is going.

Stay tuned….