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With Posteraro ouster, ABC27 lost this loyal viewer

(PennLive – May 18, 2018)  A few weeks ago, after learning the details of Flora Posteraro’s disappearance from ABC27 news, my family decided to discontinue watching news programs on that station.

This, after over 20 years of watching ABC-27 local news; and in spite of liking the other on-air staffers and the news coverage. We have since learned that many of our friends and acquaintances have also made this decision.

What is needed now is for many more sponsors of abc 27 news to stop supporting the program. To continue to sponsor them is a disservice to the community and all other causes of discrimination.

Here we have a billion-dollar corporation fighting a very nice, hard-working single mother. It seems similar to the David and Goliath story. Let’s hope and pray it has a similar outcome.

Nexstar should do the right thing, and reinstate Flora to her previous position with back pay and compensate her for any legal expenses she incurred as a result of NexStar’s action.

Offer Flora an apology.

ROBERT E. HEIM, Swatara Township