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(FTVLive – May 14, 2018) Remember back in April, FTVLive told you that according to Nexstar’s SEC filing the median income for an employee at Nexstar was around $38,000 a year.

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook made almost $20,000,000 bucks last year.

But, how does the average pay of a Nexstar employee stack up to those working at a Sinclair or Tegna station?

The short answer is not very well.

Sinclair employees came in at $47,927 for an average and Tegna staffer came in at $55,636 on average.

Both, Tegna and Sinclair employees were paid much better on average than the employees at Nexstar.

Nexstar did come out on top in one salary and that is of the CEO. Perry Sook made more than both Tegna’s CEO and Sinclair’s CEO combined.

Sinclair’s CEO Chris Ripley earned $1.8 million last year. Tegna CEO ┬áDave Lougee made $4,749,737.

Which means that if you add Ripley’s salary, Lougee’s salary and Apple CEO Tim Cook’s salary altogether, they still did not make as much as Perry Sook.

Let that sink in for a bit.

Also, if you are wondering which company to work for and money is your big factor, you might want to move Nexstar down the list.

Just saying…