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(FTVLive – May 15, 2018) To say morale is in the gutter at Nexstar owned WHTM in Harrisburg, might be a bit of an understatement.

The station kicked longtime Anchor Anchor Flora Posteraro to the curb.  Complaints have been filed against station GM Bob Bee and a big advertiser has pulled their spots. 

Now, it appears that a number of staffers are looking to get up. Sources tell FTVLive that just recently Reporter Dawn White, one of the best MMJ’s in the market, the 5pm Producer and the station’s graphics artist have all turned in their notices.

All three have been at WHTM for several years.

More are planning to leave in the near future.

For their part, Nexstar corporate has basically backed the GM, said the complaints are “without merit” and has stood by and watched the morale go down the toilet.

Stay tuned…