About Nexstar

Nexstar Media Group is a multi-billion dollar corporation that reaches nearly 40% of American homes every day. With ownership of 170 TV stations, Nexstar is the second largest owner of TV stations in the nation.

Nexstar is infamously known as “DeathStar “within the TV industry for its aggressive acquisitions and treatment of newly-acquired staff in pursuit of higher profits for its groups of executives and directors – both of which feature a stunning lack of diversity for a corporation that has so much influence over how hundreds of millions of Americans consume news each day.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with increasing profits; such a practice is to be admired when done ethically. But it is unacceptable to use retaliation or gender, race and age discrimination as a tool to cut costs while reinforcing an “old-boys club” corporate culture. It is also unacceptable to retaliate against those who have the courage to stand up against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

This website has been designed to shed light on the challenges all employees, especially women, are facing in workplaces like abc27 (WHTM-TV) and Nexstar Media Group. Additional reports documenting similar issues in other Nexstar stations are now being made public.

Check out this alarmingly similar case developing right now at the ABC and FOX affiliate in Burlington Vermont.

This suggests a systemic problem and toxic corporate culture that could only be enabled from the top down. Rather than believe and support employees who report problematic behavior, Nexstar is working to silence them, thus giving those who harass, retaliate and discriminate permission to continue.


We hope to give a voice to the many others who feel victimized by Nexstar. Please connect with us and tell us your story. Your comments will remain anonymous unless you authorize otherwise.